iFixit uncovers two different Note20 cooling-systems

On Monday, iFixit said that it destroyed both the Note 20 5G and Ultra Note 20 5G, and didn’t discover copper vapor chamber cooling – however different teardowns have. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20’s Teardowns have discovered that some have graphite cooling frameworks, while others have copper fume chambers, having each cooling system apparently picked indiscriminately.

iFixit proposed that Samsung is potentially A/B testing another cooling system, or that the global models require distinctive cooling with their Snapdragon processors, however then called attention to that another teardown of a worldwide model of the Note 20 additionally has graphite. iFixit said that to absorb all the warmth from each phone’s octo-core processor, they are hoping to locate a rambling copper vapor chamber here, the sort Samsung rushed to boast about in past Galaxy Phones. But instead, they find a multi-layered graphite warm thermal pad. It added that more peculiar still, it appears to be some other Note 20 telephones do have copper heat pipes, however not their US-spec model.

iFixit gave the Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 just a 3 out of 10 on the repairability scale. However, Samsung didn’t promptly react to a request for comment.

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